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The Emotional Hotness Package

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If you're invested in transforming your romantic life, The Emotional Hotness Package is for you! This self-paced, online course contains ALL THREE of my stand-alone courses (a total of about two and a half hours of content) at a value! -First Date Rehab -Triggered to Tranquil -Creative Conflict Resolution This is for you if: -You're tired of repeating the same mistakes in love and dating, -You get really triggered in your love life (attachment issues, lashing out, defensiveness), -You want to create an extraordinary relationship - no more settling for so-so! The training includes training videos, worksheets, cheat sheets, meditations, and exercises to teach you everything you need to know about de-triggering yourself and your partner, having great conversations, and resolving conflict creatively! This is how you get emotionally hot!

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