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sick of settling for so-so relationships?


YOU'RE in the right place if...

  • You're looking for an emotionally mature, self-aware, interesting, and fulfilling relationship,

  • You're sick of the dating scene, sick of boring and disconnecting dates.

  • You're a high-achiever and passionate about creating an extraordinary life.

Want to talk with me about your unique dating and relationship problem? Book a free 30-minute Dating Detox with me by clicking the button below! 

Couple in Shades
Image by Ben White


After the Honeymoon Phase, that initial attraction and excitement about a new person, all relationships enter the Triggered Phase.

This is when the conflict, disappointment, anger, shame, jealousy, anxiety, and fear come to the surface. 
Most relationships get stuck in this phase of triggering each other and repeating conditioned patterns that drive disconnection and loneliness. Fear is in the drivers' seat.

But it doesn't have to stay this way. You don't have to settle for becoming a bickering pair of old fogies.

If you're ready to kick fear out and let love in,

check out the Dating Detox program by clicking below!

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"Having a coach that is so genuinely open hearted, talented and clear is an incredible find.  I guarantee that you will understand all of this the moment that you start your journey with her."

Cassi D


There is incredible power to be had in deep, romantic love. It is the ultimate expression of creative energy. When couples move past the Triggered Phase, they are able to divert the energy that went into arguing, withdrawing, and avoiding into a shared creative act that makes the world a better place:

  • A family

  • A business

  • A community

  • Social change

  • And more!

Couple in Love

disconnection & Loneliness do not have to be your story

need a dating detox?

This is a transformative coaching journey for people who are ready to meet their soulmate and build an extraordinary relationship with them.

This is for you if...

  • The dating scene is feeling more and more like a waste of time. You question it constantly.

  • You know that you have room to grow when it comes to relationships and you need support. Books and podcasts are not cutting it!

  • The idea of Emotional Hotness appeals to you: you are looking for an emotionally mature, self-aware, and deep person to connect with. 

  • You are ready to invest in yourself and your relationship (present or future).

Click the button to set up a free 30-minute

Dating Detox call! 

Happy Couple

most of MY CLIENTS...

  • Are absolutely sick of dating. They are ready to find the love of their life.

  • Have experience with longterm (5+ years) relationships. Many have been divorced.

  • Are high-achievers who desire getting the most out of life, including their romantic relationship.

  • Are deeply invested in their self-improvement and growth. Most have had therapy and/or coaching in the past.

Happy Couple
Happy Couple


While all relationships contain some conflict and disconnection (we're only human!), that doesn't have to be the story of your relationship. 

You don't have to settle for bickering, long silences, avoiding each other, pretending that everything is Ok, or people-pleasing in your relationship.

You can be fully yourself and enjoy a healthy, loving relationship.

Check out the Emotional Hotness Package: a self-paced online course that covers everything from having more interesting and connecting conversations to de-triggering your partner to productive conflict!


Oh hey, I'm COACH 

I help people who are sick of dating find the love of their lives!

My specialty is supporting single people to create extraordinary relationships. They go from dating-is-a-drag to I've-met-the-one!

I've worked with hundreds of men and women on gaining confidence and clarity, improving their relationships, and finding increased fulfillment in their lives.

I've also made every relationship mistake in the book. Click below to read my story:

Coach Rachel stands in front of a shallow pool of water, looking up at the camera and smiling. She has long dark hair and a purple sweater on.

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